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Chinas first fast mineral detector was born

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The traditional prospecting method takes two or even more years to predict and survey a target area, while the DCB rapid prospecting instrument and technology, a powerful prospecting tool recently learned by journalists, only takes a few days. Technicians used the instrument to quickly detect the orientation and distance of 13 kinds of metal mineralization (body), and quickly detected more than 30 nonferrous metal ore target areas in dongning, heilongjiang, fengning, zhejiang, shaoxing and other places, and verified with traditional exploration technology, the accuracy rate reached more than 20%.

The DCB rapid detector, jointly developed by Beijing zhelong mining technology co., ltd. and heilongjiang yunneng mining machinery equipment co., ltd. is a combination of radar and metal detector frontier science, based on the basic theory of specific frequency wavelength. It is the principle of secondary induced field effect which is formed by the mutual inductance of the low-frequency ultra-long electromagnetic wave to the ground and different metal elements and the frequencies of different wavelengths under the interaction effect of low-frequency alternating field.

This technology the long term, a lot of practice and test, found a field excitation frequency of different metal elements, therefore, the instrument by emitting specific frequency wave, can make the 110 - square - kilometer range, buried deep in the ground, 200 meters above the metal elements to produce resonance, resulting in a field effect resonance reflection, through the induction of human body magnetic field and the detection wands, on the premise of looking for metal elements, detection wand will be () to the mineralization enrichment of ore target area.

The data show that all metal elements have their natural vibration frequency, namely resonance frequency. When the frequency of the external vibration wave is exactly the same as the resonance frequency of a metal element, the resonance of the metal element will be triggered. As soon as an element is resonated, it becomes a small source of vibration waves, triggering further resonance in the same element. This relay propagates the selected frequency waves over long distances in the soil and rock.

According to introducing, through a lot of scientific research and repeated application of agent technology, DCB fast prospecting instrument can accurately detect the 5 km radius of the metal elements and specific location, can quickly locking metal elements mineralized bodies ore target area, save a lot of study and the census work, using the instrument of locking metal mineralized bodies can spread XiangTan directly after work for the oreprospecting target. However, the instrument is still being tested for the depth, grade and reserves of each metal element, and can only be verified by drilling, and the detection can only be used to detect the rotation of the stick to feel the mineralization of a certain metal element and its orientation and approximate distance, the researchers said.

The instrument can detect 13 metallic elements, including uranium, lead, mercury, gold, iron, tungsten, antimony, molybdenum, zinc, calcium, copper, nickel and silver. Industry insiders said that the application of DCB rapid prospecting instrument and technology not only greatly shortens the exploration time and cost, but also is an important supplement to China's traditional geological exploration. It symbolises the beginning of a revolution in subverting traditional geological exploration.

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