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Multi - functional construction machinery will be popular

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General situation of domestic multifunctional construction machinery development

The earliest domestic manufacturer of multi-functional construction machinery was Beijing construction machinery factory, which mainly produced excavator loaders based on tractors. Later, liuzhou construction machinery factory, guangzhou construction machinery factory and tianjin tractor factory also produced such products.

Sichuan highway machinery factory introduced the multi-functional engineering machinery from zeitman company of Germany, which USES the small wheel loader as the chassis and can be replaced with 6 kinds of working devices (at present, the small and medium-sized loader produced by the company can be replaced with 60 kinds of working devices). More than 80% of the products introduced by the factory are exported and find a ready market. In addition, tai 'an diesel engine factory has also mass produced multifunctional engineering vehicles with slip-steering tire loaders as chassis in recent years.

All in all, this kind of product is just starting at home, the annual output is only more than 200 sets, compared with the foreign proportion is very small.

The multi-functional construction machinery based on automobile is just starting in China. The main products include truck crane, road sweeper and snowplow. At present, there are seven domestic manufacturers of truck cranes, the annual output of more than 800, the production of large batch is shijiazhuang mining machinery factory. There are many manufacturers producing sweepers, including tianjin sweeper king special purpose vehicle co., LTD., and sichuan luzhou machinery factory.

-- multifunctional market analysis of construction machinery

On the whole, with the sustained and healthy development of China's economy, large and extra-large construction projects have been started continuously. In addition, the investment in the development of the western region during the tenth five-year plan period is expected to reach more than 700 billion yuan, which will undoubtedly increase the demand for various construction machinery, including multi-functional construction machinery. Although China is currently implementing a market economy, large and medium-sized construction projects are still controlled by the state and carried out according to plan. According to this can predict, 2002 ~ 2003 will be our country whole construction machinery, include muti_function construction machinery flourishing period. During the tenth five-year plan period, the demand for all kinds of construction machinery, including multi-functional construction machinery, will be more than three times that during the ninth five-year plan period. It is estimated that during the tenth five-year plan period, the demand for multi-functional construction machinery will be far greater than that for excavators, loaders, bulldozers and other single-function construction machinery.

Low-power agricultural wheeled multi-functional engineering machinery is a variety of independent engineering machinery converted from the chassis of a wheeled tractor. According to the central government's relevant instructions, developing agriculture is China's national policy, and the development of all undertakings will be tilted toward farmers. Rural urbanization and modernization are the inevitable trend of all countries in the world, and China is no exception. During the tenth five-year plan period, the economic development of rural areas in China will take a new leap forward. After decades of development, China's construction machinery industry has begun to take shape, and the technology is relatively mature. Therefore, the development and production of this product have both subjective and objective conditions, with a broad market.

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